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Enhance your reputation and ensure compliance through real-time monitoring and analysis.

The challenge of a complex GRC process

An effective GRC regime is essential in today’s business world but can be challenging to implement. GRC processes operate in silos at many companies, creating a multiplicity of frameworks and systems.

This can result in:

  • Poor understanding of financial, operational, IT, regulatory, and fraud risks.
  • Ineffective risk minimization.
  • Exposure to fines, penalties and litigation.
  • High GRC costs.
  • Possibility of stakeholder backlash.
  • Weak financial statements.

A GRC framework that shifts overhead cost to value driver

Our GRC solutions combine real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis to help companies comply with regulations and prepare for unexpected events. GRC focuses on three key services to address specific, high-profile business challenges around risk governance and GRC security. These services are:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Risk & Compliance
  • Continuous Control Monitoring

The benefits of our GRC platform

The tools that make up our GRC offering can form part of a enterprise risk management framework that delivers:

  • Minimize risk by aggressively identifying and addressing potential risk.
  • Strengthen compliance through regular audit and control monitoring activities.
  • Increase profitability by reducing compliance costs and leakage.
  • Enhance reputation by adhering to compliance requirements.

Data needs to be safe and secure, dealt with properly, but it also needs to be recognised as an asset and used by organisations in an ethical and appropriate way that retains trust in those whose data it is. Progress is dependent on safely exploiting the data you hold and unlocking the potential it presents.

to ensure its most valued asset is fit for purpose.

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Enhance your reputation and ensure compliance through real-time monitoring and analysis.

    • Data StrategyEvery business needs to be deliberate about its data and have a clear strategy in place to ensure it is managed well and leveraged for the benefit of the organisation and its customers. A good data strategy will be driven from the perspective of enabling and accelerating the overall business strategy. It will also be aligned to the technology investments the business is making and span the breadth of regulatory requirements, business growth and operational efficiency.At 7O3 Associates, we see data as being the lifeblood of the business and key to success. We support our clients in setting out their data strategy in a number of ways, from co-creating the strategy to periodic reviews of progress in implementation. We believe in applying our practical experience of delivering transformational programmes for data and analytics, in developing the data strategy and holistically working with the C-suite in setting out the what, the how and the when of strategic change.Data qualityThe currency of today’s economy is data.  Information about customers, products, sales, business partners, competitors and suppliers drives the business decisions toward performance and profitability. In a global marketplace where systems, people and processes are interconnected, quality data is an organisation’s most valued asset.The way in which an organisation addresses Data Quality can have an impact on an organisation’s financial position, legal and regulatory compliance, service delivery standards and customer satisfaction.  Using our business knowledge, experience across industry sectors and our data analytics expertise, we support our clients to design, implement and sustain their Data Quality across their organisation

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